Frequently Asked Questions

What and where are the Ngaanyatjarra Lands?
The Ngaanyatjarra Lands are a vast and stunning arid region in Western Australia that reaches to the Northern Territory and South Australian borders, containing some of the most remote Aboriginal communities in Australia. More information here [link to WHERE WE ARE}

How accessible are the communities NHS works in?
It varies. Some are on major roads to Alice Springs or to other larger communities, but some are less accessible. Roads in the region are unsealed, and our staff usually travel to the communities in sturdy four wheel drive vehicles. Sometimes it is more appropriate for staff to travel by light aircraft.

How many staff members work in each community?
This varies. Some communities have several NHS staff members based there while other, smaller communities may only receive a clinic outreach service from Health staff based in a nearby larger communiity.

How much support do staff members receive?
We have established systematised professional and practical frameworks that support our workforce to develop and maintain skills.

Is it suitable to bring my family along?
Provided the community you are based in has adequate accommodation, that decision is up to you. Not all communities have schools and other services you may require, however.

How often do staff members spend time out of the remote communities they are based in?
Generally, staff members work a 12-week on cycle, after which there is availability leave of one week off. As staff on the Lands also receive six weeks of annual leave, they may be able to take more than one week leave away from the Lands, if appropriate at the time.

What happens when there is a medical emergency on the Lands?
In an emergency, patients can be evacuated via the Royal Flying Doctor Service and are flown to Kalgoorlie, or Alice Springs in some cases.

I’m interested in working with NHS but there is no vacancy that suits me. Can I still send my resume?
Yes, we love to talk with professionals interested in working with us. Call the Alice Springs office.

Will I have mobile phone and data coverage on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands?
You will have 3G coverage if you have a Telstra mobile phone plan and are within fifteen kilometres of so of Warakurna, Wanarn, Warburton, Jameson, Blackstone or Wingellina. Otherwise, no.

Will I have broadband at my residence on the Lands?
Generally yes, if the building is owned by the Ngaanyatjarra Health Service. It is policy to provide a basic Telstra ADSL1 or NBN satellite Internet plan to staff housing. However, due to distances involved, installations and repairs, if necessary, can be delayed. Internet is always available from health centre workstations and reasonable personal use is allowed.

What is the Ngaanyatjarra Council?
The Ngaanyatjarra Council is the principal organisation in a large conglomerate of Ngaanyatjarra service delivery organisations.  With their administration also based in Alice Springs, they provide functions and services in the communities where Ngaanyatjarra Health works, including financial, employment, housing and land management.  Council's Board of Directors is drawn from each community plus four representing women's interests and up to two independent directors.  This Board of Directors also governs Ngaanyatjarra Health Service.