Wingellina / Irrunytju

Wingellina / Irrunytju is located close to the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australian borders (Surveyor General's Corner), 880km south west of Alice Springs. It is surrounded by large granite hills. The majority of the residents speak Pitjantjatjara. There was a lot of mining activity in the area from the 1950s onwards and many indigenous people came to live around the Wingellina mining camps. Once the miners left, Yarnangu stayed and established a permanent community in the vicinity of the mining camps using the existing infrastructure (such as airstrip, shelters and windmills) and funds from the Government. The community became incorporated in 1976 and a member of the Ngaanyatjarra Council in 1981.

Wingellina/Irrunytju has a community health centre, a well-equipped media centre, a Ngaanyatjarra Lands school, a store, community hall, women’s centre, children’s centre, and a pool.