Warburton / Milyirrtjarra

Warburton Community, also known as Milyirrtjarra or Ranges, is the largest community in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. It is 1050km south west of Alice Springs and 920km north east of Kalgoorlie on the Great Central Road. It sits between the Gibson Desert (to the north) and the Great Victoria Desert (to the south). The closest town is Laverton, 560km to the southwest. The settlement began as an Aboriginal mission in 1934. It is named after explorer Peter Warburton, the first European to cross the Great Sandy Desert. From the 1970s onwards there were changes in government policy away from indigenous assimilation and towards self-determination and self-management. In 1973 the missionaries relinquished control of the Warburton Mission to the incorporated Warburton Aboriginal Community with an elected Aboriginal council. In 1981 the Ngaanyatjarra Council was officially incorporated, with Warburton one of the first member communities.

Warburton has a large community health centre, a community store, a Ngaanyatjarra Lands school, women’s centre, non-denominational church, an art centre, police station, public swimming pool.  WDNWPT (Purple House) provides a renal dialysis service from the Health Centre.  The Roadhouse, on the Great Central Road, has motel style accommodation and a camp ground for travellers.